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Astrology is a language.  If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.

-Dane Rudhyar

Welcome to the MAA where we explore our connection to the Cosmos

The Manitoba Astrology Association (MAA) started meeting as early as 1975 and has been holding educational seminars in Winnipeg ever since.  To enhance our understanding of astrology and our place in the Universe, we are dedicated to hosting a variety of monthly workshops led by local, national, and international presenters.

Moon Gazing



Monthly Seminar

with Sharon Wisemyn

1-4 PM at Bill and Helen Norrie Library

Cost: members free / $15 non-members


Will be rescheduled


Guest Seminar

with Kim Marie Weimer

9 AM - 4:30 PM

Czech & Slovak Benevolent Association

154 McKenzie Street

Cost: TBD


Monthly Seminar

with Shelly Chlan

1-4 PM at (location TBD)

Cost: members free / $15 non-members


Sharon Wisemyn has studied and practiced Astrology since taking her first course in 1972 in Toronto. She was one of the first members of the MAA back in the 80's. She has presented many workshops and offered courses for the MAA in the years since until her move to the Yukon with her husband Parz in 2009. She has also spoken at national Astrology conferences in Winnipeg, Vancouver and more recently Edmonton. She still offers personal sessions over the phone including AstroDice. She enjoys selling her jewelry at the Whitehorse Farmers Market in the summer. She is grateful for the  time spent hiking, snowshoeing or canoeing with Parz in beautiful Yukon nature

The Core Energy of the Sun & Moon in the Natal Chart:

A Deep dive into Our Primary Drivers;

Sun as Core Energy & Moon as Core Emotional Need

In this hands-on workshop we will explore the energy of the Sun & Moon, (both strengths & challenges) by examining the signs and elements of each. I will demonstrate techniques that facilitate the synthesis process by using your own charts as examples. We will then move on to Ruling Planets and explore how they contribute to an even deeper understanding of how these ‘luminaries’ operate within our psyches. We will explore ways to activate these energies more fully within ourselves.

How can we ‘shine” to our fullest potential? (Sun)
How can we fulfill our emotional needs more completely? (Moon)
Both the sign & the element of the primary planet & then, the rulers of that planet add more detail and nuance and deepen our understanding of ourselves and those closest to us. It’s a simple and basic approach that goes deep!

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